Art & Travel: Via Colori Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky! So close, yet so far away! I say that because when I first signed up for Via Colori KY, I thought that Louisville was only 6 hours away, which isn't that big of a deal for a roadtrip. After looking up directions a few days before the fest, I realized that Louisville was, in fact, about 8 hours away. At that time it was too late to book an inexpensive flight. 

FUN FACT: Whenever I plan a roadtrip that includes driving through Atlanta, I make sure to add at least an extra hour for whatever crazy traffic jam I'm sure to get into. Atlanta, you're amazing, but your traffic sucks!  Well, I didn't even think about the other two major cities (Chattanooga & Nashville) on the way to Louisville, so when I finally arrived at my hotel NINE hours later (at 3 a.m.!!) I was exhausted. I mean, who expects traffic jams at midnight? I sure didn't.

ViaColoriKY_Progress_FD 2017 (1).jpg

After I slept about 4 hours, I slowly made my way to the Big Four Bridge Lawn in Riverfront Park. Via Colori® is a celebration of art in order to raise awareness for the children of the community. Via is hosted by New Beginnings Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3). New Beginnings Foundation supports New Beginnings Family Services which provides therapeutic foster care and medically fragile care to children who are in the custody of the state and are displaced from their biological family. Many of these children have been the victims of abuse and/or neglect. So this weekend I was chalking for a good cause. 

I've learned a few things after chalking at several fests this year. The number one tip is if you want to be popular, chalk a portrait & if you want to be REALLY popular, chalk a portrait that holds sentimental value to almost everyone. When I was trying to decide on what/who to chalk, I looked through the Via Colori KY website to see what artists have done in the past. That's where I discovered that there's a superhero theme to their festival, "Even Superman had foster parents." I put it all together: Superhero (- anything comic related because I just wasn't feeling a Marvel/DC image) + sentimental value = Mr. Rogers. 

After taping, gridding, sketching, and chalking the sponsor logo, I was ready to get down to business!

I worked from sunrise to about 6:30 p.m., occasionally taking a break to walk around, socialize, & eat. At the end of Day One I covered ol' Fred with a tarp and went back to my room for a much needed shower & a long night's sleep.

This is what my square looked like before I wrapped it up: 

ViaColoriKY_Progress_FD 2017 (5).jpg

Have I mentioned how I often have bad luck with choosing hotel rooms? My potential long night of deep sleep kept getting interrupted by noisy neighbors. Hopefully I got my revenge by being extra noisy the next morning after their fun times had calmed down. & so I started Day Two of Via Colori double-sleep deprived and sore from sitting on the ground all day. 

I quickly knocked out the rest of my piece before noon!


10' x 10' square on sidewalk, no tempera layer, & all SoHo Urban Artist Soft Pastels (provided by Via Colori Kentucky)

about 12 hours total!

I really enjoyed my time working in Louisville, in front of a beautiful riverscape (that I didn't even photograph!). I'm already planning on coming up for next year's festival!