This Week in the Studio - 1/8

Well, the first week of 2017 was not spent in the studio at all. It was spent at the nearby Fine Arts Center where I'm working on a HUGE mural. The biggest mural of MY LIFE. 

Seriously, it's big. So big, that I didn't talk about it for four months while I worked out the details with the folks commissioning it. I should write an entire post about the stress, worry, and panic leading up to this week. But for now, let's just paint. 

Look at that scissor lift! I've reached the big time, baby!

The Mural is going to be painted on twelve separate panels hanging on the walls of the Fine Arts Center, so really it's one BIG MURAL that's divided into smaller, easier to manage murals. I have a plan for the entire space but it's all going to take time... and lots and lots of paint. 

01.03.17 (3).JPG

In my bid for the project, I stated: The mural will be designed as homage to all creative endeavors and will encourage viewers to appreciate the range and importance of the arts, from drama to painting and music to dance. 

And I'm so happy I'm able to paint this mural in my style: kind of a mix between post-impressionism and folk art. It reminds me of one large mosaic. 

So far, I have about 15 hours of painting into it. I've set aside 6 months to work on this. Hopefully, I won't need the entire 6 months, but I'd rather have too much time than too little. 

The original plan was to paint each panel one at a time, but I had the orange paint out so I might as well put down a good base coat. 

The first panel so far. It still needs a little teeny tiny bit of work, but it's almost done. Then on to the next one! And the next one. And the next one.