This Week in the Studio - 1/22

Week Three of mural painting is going well. I spent the long weekend in Huntsville, Alabama visiting friends and replenishing my creative juices. One afternoon was spent wandering through the artist spaces of Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment (I wrote about my first visit on my old blog) and the next day we looked at amazing Chuck Jones art at the Huntsville Museum of Art. By Tuesday morning was ready to get back to work!

Tuesday morning I wrapped up Panel Two. This small camera took a few hours to get just right. I changed my mind on the color a time or two, and finally decided on a good red-orange. 

I started laying out the lines of Panel Three on Friday. Just getting the drawing down took three whole hours! But that's what it takes to get all of the piano keys nice and even. 

Look! It's coming along nicely! Panel Three will feature huge drama masks in various tones of orange.

I can't wait to knock out Panel Three in the next few days. I'm still ahead of schedule, yay me!