This Week in the Studio - 1/15

Week Two of mural painting was a bit uneventful. It's all just trying to maintain a steady workflow. So far, I'm ahead of schedule and I'm hoping to keep it that way.

Panel One is complete and Panel Two is coming along. The heat inside of the Fine Arts Center wasn't working well and I spent most of Monday and Tuesday trying to keep my hands from freezing. Thankfully it warmed up by Thursday. 

There's one thing I've learned so far on this big project: Stay Present! I've noticed that once I drift off into my head or even just try to hurry up and knock out a line I start messing up. The line goes crooked or I let a large drop of paint fall to the floor. I have to make sure that I don't step in the wrong spot and spill a container of paint! Or even make sure I don't fall off the scissor lift. Stay here in the moment, Fawne!