Chalk: Aladdin Sane, Not Marilyn Manson

I think this is the year of the David Bowie portrait. Check out the first painting, and the second.

Now, to try to capture his essence in chalk form!

Attending ArtsFest Gwinnett was a last minute decision. I found myself with an open weekend due to cancelled plans so I decided that trying another chalk festival would be a nice challenge. Having my husband and daughter join in on the fun would be an added bonus.

So I wake them both up at 5 a.m. and we make a 2 hour trek to Lawrenceville, Georgia.

This would be my fourth chalk festival and a reminder that I still have so much to learn!

It was already a hot summer morning, but thank goodness I had a little bit of shade under a large tree. 

The cover of Aladdin Sane is arguably David Bowie's most iconic look. I've been wanting to recreate it for some time. So much color! What a challenge!

After finishing the face and shoulders, I realize that I'm short for time. Judging would be soon! And the sky turning dark with rain clouds. Now to fill the empty space quickly...but with what?!

Fill it with space! With stars! With galaxies! Bowie in the heavens, perfect!

Working on art in the public allows for strangers to comment while you're creating. I had several conversations about my process, my supplies, and the awesomeness of Bowie. But of course, you have those odd comments about mistaken identities. For example, someone thought I chose Marilyn Manson as my muse. Another person said Sheena Easton. Whaa?

Here I am with Katie Bush, an amazing chalk artist from Atlanta, and her prize-winning cowboy cat. We were the only two artists in the professional category. 


Check out Mazzy's Pokemon chalk art!


Here's Daniel's creation!

Soon after judging, the rain came and washed everything away!