Chalk: The Accidental Chalk Artist, Part Two

So, I guess I can add Street Painter to my list of jobs, right? 

Over the weekend I participated in the Fayette County Chalk Art Festival, the first of its kind in the area. It was very low key, no prize money, and no theme, so I could chalk any family-friendly image I wanted. 

I chose a retro space girl! 

Oh, chalking on rough blacktop is extremely tedious! I did not realize this until I started working on it. The deep crevices don't allow for a lot of tiny detail work. You also have to use so much chalk to create an opaque color. Your hands start to turn to mush after rubbing your fingertips over the hot, rugged surface for hours at a time.

But you gotta make the most of it! This was at the end of the first day. The heat was really wearing me down and I decided to call it quits after 4 hours of chalking.

The next day my husband Daniel joined in and we knocked out the rest of the piece. 

Here we are all filthy and sweaty and possibly sunburnt. The whole painting is about 6'x6'. 

At the end of my third chalk festival, I think I'm okay with being called an official chalk artist!